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Authentic sources about the Hirz of Sharaf al-Shams

Sharaf al Shams and its Properties

The late Sheikh Baha’i says in the book Sir Al-Mustitr: that Sharaf al-Shams should be written on the 19th day of pregnancy, which corresponds to the 19th of Farvardin, from sunrise to noon on yellow agate, and if it is not possible, write it on yellow paper and carried with him. In the book “Jannah […]

Some scholars views about the Hirz of Sharaf al-Shams.

Sharaf Al Shams Stone 2

Hazrat Ayatollah Mobasher Kashani, considering the interesting points about the Hirz of Sharaf Shams, considers this prayer as a part of “Unseen Sciences” and said: “In the last few centuries, Scholars have considered the Hirz of Sharaf al-Shams to be a valid one , and discussions about Sharaf al-Shams and the method of its expansion […]

Properties of Sharaf al-Shams agate from the point of view of the infallibles / Ma’soumeen

Sharaf Shams Stone

Indeed, the first hope of all of us is God and the Ahl al-Bayt (AS), and we should ask God for our needs, and besides that enjoying from the properties of the honorable Sharaf al-Shams, insha’Allah will be useful.  The properties of Sharaf al-Shams are important from two aspects, one is agate itself with its […]

Sharaf al Shams and its Properties

Sharaf al Shams and its Properties

Usually people believe Sharaf-e-Shams is a yellow jewel, but according to Islamic sources, Sharaf-e-Shams is not a stone, but a dhikr / hirz attributed to Imam Ali (AS) and contains some of the great names of God, which by following special etiquette is graved behind yellow agate, qnd this must be done by experienced people at an specific time which only occurs once a year at certain hours of 8 April.