What is the Hirz prayer of Imam Javad? Does it protect humans? Is there a hadith confirming the Hirz prayer of Imam Javad (as)? What are the properties of Imam Javad’s Hirz armband and its applications? Where can I find the text of the prayer? Is it possible to contact it without ablution / Wuddu? What are the procedures of writing the Hirz prayer of Hazrat Javad (as)? Does it have a special prayer? To answer these questions and other questions related to the Hirz prayer of Imam Javad (as), be with my rings for a while …

Brief introduction of the Hirz of Imam Javad (as)

Hirz Prayer Of Imam Javad (AS)

Perhaps the question has arisen for you, what is the Hirz of Imam Javad?
Imam Jawad’s Hirz prayer is the most familiar prayer among religious scholars and elders. This noble prayer is known in two forms, Saqirah (short) and Kabirah (long). A small or short Hirz is also known as a prayer “Ya Nur Ya Burhan” and it is only the size of a line, which we read together in below:

یا نُورُ یا بُرْهانُ، یا مُبینُ یا مُنیرُ، یا رَبِّ اکْفِنی الشُّرُورَ وَ آفَاتِ الدُّهُورِ وَ أَسأَلُکَ النَّجَاهَ یَوْمَ یُنْفَخُ فِی الصُّورِ

“O light, O proof, O obvious, O enlightening! Keep me from the evils and plagues of the times. I ask you for salvation on the Day of Judgment.”
In the prayer of “Ya Nur, Ya Burhan” of Imam Javad (as), they say that you should shield yourself with this text that if the Turkish and Romans armies meet you and all of them stand up against you together with all the people of the earth, there will be no harm causes you from them and you will be protected. But the long Hirz contains a long prayer of which is presented to you below this section.

Properties of Imam Javad's Hirz quoted by Ayatollah Bahjat

By observing the meaning of Imam Javad’s (as) Hirz (amulet), it can be seen that the most important property of Imam Javad’s Hirz (amulet) is to avoid earthly and celestial disasters, which is mentioned in the book of Sayyid Ibn Tawus, and Majlisi’s Bahar-ul-Anwar, vol. 91, p. 354.
About the properties of Imam Javad’s Hirz (amulet) and its benefits, Ayatollah Bahjat says: “in order to avoid dangers and diseases, to protect from the persecution of devils and goblins, to cure nightmares, to invalidate magic and sorcery, having this prayer with you is recommended. It is also effective for repelling evil eye.”
In response to questions about jealousy, persecution of the devil and goblins, disturbed dreams, etc., Ayatullah Bahjat always placed great emphasis on reciting the four Surats of “ al-Ikhlas, al-Nas, al-Falaq, al-kafiroon” known as the four “Qul”, and also having the Hirz (amulet) of Imam Javad (as) accompanied with you.
Let’s read Ayatollah Behjat’s opinion about the properties of Imam Javad’s (as) Hirz (amulet) narrated by one of his teachers:
“I usually didn’t ask “Ayatollah Qazi” (my teacher) about “dhikr”, but sometimes he expressed it himself. For example, the Hirz (amulet) prayer of Imam Javad (as), which by wear it on the upper arm causes immunity for the wearer, and also is used to neutralize magic and spells, and the important point is that you should wear it on the upper arm.”

Ayatollah Bahjat

Ayatullah Bahjat recommended several other acts in addition to having this Hirz (amulet), including:

  1. Read Ayat-ul-Kursi verse and install it at home
  2. Read the four Surats of “al-Ikhlas, al-Nas, al-Falaq, al-kafiroon” known as the four “Qul” and repeat them, especially at bedtime.
  3. Always carry with you a small Quran
  4. Reading Mu’awzatin (Surahs of al-Falaq and al-Nas)
  5. During the “Adhaan’s” time, recite it with a relatively loud voice
  6. Reading 50 verses of the Holy Quran with a relatively loud voice during the daytime…

List of the properties of the prayer of Imam Javad (as) Harz’s

In the religion of Islam, there are many prayers and acts by which disasters and curses are removed from human beings, among which this noble Hirz (amulet) prayer is the most well-known from Haazrat Javad (as). The following is a complete list of its benefits and properties.

Hirz Prayer Of Imam Javad (AS)

1. Disasters relief:
The prayer of Imam Jawad’s Hirz (amulet) is the most famous among all prayers and amulets such as the amulet of Sharaf al-Shams. If we pay attention to the meaning of Imam Javad’s (as) Hirz (amulet), we may be able to name some examples of repelling disasters such as protection from disease, which we will discuss in the following.

2. Protection against evil eye:
It is narrated from Imam Sadegh (as): “If you could dig graves (if you could understand the cause of death), you would understand that most of the deaths are due to evil eye.” Similarly, in another narration from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who said: “A evil eye can place a man in a grave and a camel in a pot.” We can consider the repulsion of evil eye as one of the main effects of this Hirz (amulet) prayer.

3. Immunity from magic:
Regarding the effects of magic, Allama Majlisi states that what is understood from the Qur’an and Hadiths is that magic has a kind of effect on some people and on some bodies, such as changes in friendships and enmities, joys and sorrows. He also points out that magic will be repelled by the Hirz (amulets) recited by the Imams such as the Hirz (amulet) of Imam Javad (AS) and also reciting some of verses of the Qur’an, and with trust and hope in Allah AWJ.

More Properties

Also, with a little attention in the Hirz of Imam al-Jawad (as) and observing the meaning of the amulet of Imam al-Jawad (as), it can be concluded that it has implicitly the following properties and benefits:

  • Repelling the evil eye and language of the enemies is one of the most important features of the prayer of Imam Javad (AS) same as evil eye stones
  • Prevent losses caused by people, kings, Jins, and demons
  • The effectiveness of Imam Javad’s amulet prayer in protecting from the devilish tempting whispers of people and demons
  • Undo all kinds of magic
  • Be protected from cunning, deception, and enmity
  • Immunity from wounds, drowning and defeats
  • Preserving honor and dignity is another feature of Imam Javad (AS)
  • Staying safe from being killed and taking revenge
  • Prevent illness and harassment
  • Protect yourself from poverty, hunger, and thirst
  • Also, protection from shortcomings in religion and livelihood is one of the properties of Imam Javad (AS)’s prayer.

Wearing the Hirz of Javad (AS) and using prayer of “ya noor way a burhaan ..” known as “short Hirz” is one of the ways to benefit from these properties. By observing the characteristics of the Hirzs (amulets) of Imams and the study of hadiths and narrations, it can be concluded that having a short or complete Hirz of Imam Javad (AS) can help us a lot to protect ourselves from disasters. This prayer can often be wearing with an armband or necklace.

Sources and opinions of other religious leaders

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The Hirz (amulet) of Imam Javad (AS) has been narrated by Sayyid ibn Tawus in one of his books and Allameh Majlisi has also mentioned it in his book of “Bihar Al-Anwar” V.91, quoted it from Sayyid ibn Tawus. Writing, reciting and accompanying the Hirz of Imam Javad (AS) has a great effect and its recitation is highly recommended.

  1. Sayyid Ibn Tawus: “It is narrated that Ma’mun was victorious in battle with his enemies until he was wearing this prayer.” (Sayyid Ibn Tawoos, Muahajat-ul-Da’wat wa Manhaj-ul-I’badat, P.61.)
  2. Ayatollah Majlisi: “Magic and sorcery invalidate by the use of “U’zaat” (prayers narrated from the AhlulBayt (as)) and verses of the Holy Quran and hope in Allah AWJ.”
  3. Sayyid Bahr-ul-Ulum says about the amulet of Imam Jawad (as): “The amulet of Imam Jawad (as) is famous and approved.” He also issues permission to place the prayer in a silver frame.
  4. The late Seyyed Ali Ghazi says: The amulet of Imam Javad (as) is tied to the arm and its property (especially for invalidating magic and spells) is only in the case of tying it to the right arm.
  5. The late Ayatullah Behjat says about the amulet of Hazrat Javad (AS): In order to prevent evil eye or the invalidate of magics and spells, having the amulet of Imam Javad (as) has a great effect.
  6. Ayatollah Kharrazi: I remember that even before the uprising of the Islamic Revolution, the amulet of Imam Javad (as) was famous among the scholars and people were aware of the benefits of this amulet.
  7. Sheikh Baha’-u-Dini has said: A person was hitting someone with a huge stone, but I saw that nothing grave happened to him because he had the amulet of Imam Javad (as) with him.
  8. Imam Javad (AS) says: Protect yourself with this prayer that if you encounter the Romans and Turks armies and all of them revolt against you together along with all the people of the earth, you will not be harmed and you will be protected. (Sayyid Ibn Tawoos, Muahajat-ul-Da’wat wa Manhaj-ul-I’badat, P.61.)

The late Majlisi in his book (Bahar-ul-Anwaar, vol. 91, p. 354) has given more details about the properties of Imam Javad’s (AS) Hirz. Also, Ayatollah Behjat in the book “Behjat-u-Dua”, p. 348, has stated more points about the benefits of Imam Jawad’s (AS) amulet and the procedures of wearing it.

The properties of the ring of Imam Javad's Hirz

Islamci Hirz and Taweez and Talisman

What are the properties of Imam Javad’s Hirz ring? In fact, this ring is no different than other rings, and its only special feature is that the Imam Javad’s Hirz is placed inside the ring (behind the star), so since the text inside the ring is the same as the prayer text, the properties of the Hirz ring Imam Javad is the same as the properties of Javad (as) and it is usually the case that if the ring does not have a stone, the star is usually stamped on the ring and the existence of a star goes back more to the art of ring making than other reason such as the Star of David.

Among the people, the Hirz ring of Imam Javad for men and women is often known as starred ring, but other types of stone rings can also be used by placing this noble prayer behind the gem, so that in addition of benefit from the properties of the Hirz of Imam Javad (as), the wearer also will benefit from The properties of precious stones such as agate, turquoise and…

Process of closing the Hirz of Imam Javad (as)

As mentioned before, this noble prayer is often used as a necklace, armband and ring, but the most recommended way to get the most out of its properties is to use it as an armband. When you intend to close the Hirz of Javad (AS) on the arm, in order to get a better and more complete result from the attribute of the amulet of Imam Javad (AS), first perform Wudu (ablution) and then offer two*two-rak’at prayers; In each rak’at after the praise, recite “Ayatollah Al-Kursi” seven times, the verse “Shahdallah” seven times (18 suras of Al-Imran), seven times Surah Al-Shams, seven times Surah Al-Layl and seven times Surah Al-Ikhlas.

When your prayer is over, tie the prayer to your right arm. If you are considering the Hirz prayer of Imam Javad (AS) for a child who has not reached adulthood or a person who is not able to pray, you can hire a person on behalf of the owner of this prayer to perform the prayer on his behalf so that he observes the etiquette in order to take full advantage of wearing the Hirz  of Imam Javad (AS).

Writing the Hirz of Imam Al-Jawad (AS) on deer skin is recommended and it is part of its etiquettes. Sometimes, it is seen that some Hirz are written on cloth or paper or on the back of a ring to use the properties of this prayer, which is not totally ineffective, however, according to the narrations, the most complete type is a complete pack, which is written on deer’s skin. 

It is provided on Myrings.co site so that dear customers can benefit from the maximum properties of Imam Javad’s Hirz armband.

Full text of the prayer of Imam Javad (AS)

In religious books for Imam Javad (AS), two amulets have been mentioned. One of these two prayers is “Ya Nur, Ya Burhaan” (Sagheer Hirz):

یا نُورُ یا بُرْهَآنُ یَا مُبینُ یا مُنِیرُ یا رَبِّ اکْفِنِی الشُّرُورَ وَ آفَاتِ الدُّهُورِ وَ أَسْأَلُکَ النَّجَاهَ یومَ یُنْفَخُ فِی الصُّور

In addition to the prayer of “Ya Nur Ya Burhaan”, another prayer has been narrated from Imam Javad (AS) which is more famous and it is known as the complete Hirz of Imam Javad (AS) and the properties mentioned earlier are probably related to this Hirz prayer of Imam Javad (AS). The text of Imam Javad’s Hirz is as follows. Try to benefit from its properties by observing the etiquettes of wearing this Hirz:

بسم اللَّه الرحمن الرحیم الحمد للّه رب العالمین الرحمـن الرحیم مالک یوم الدین إِیاک نعبد و إِیاک نستعین اهدنــــا الصراط المستقِیم صراط الذین أنعمت علیهِم غیر المغضوب علیهم ولا الضالین.
أ لم تر أن اللّه سخر لکم ما فی الأرض و الفلک تجری فی البحر بأمره و یمسک السماء أن تقع على الْأرْض إلّا بإذنه إن اللّه بالنّاس لرؤف رحیم
اللهم أَنت الواحد الملک الدّیان یوم الدّین تفعل ما تشاء بلا مغالبه و تعطی من تشاء بلا منّ و تفعل ما تشاء و تحکم ما ترید و تداول الأیام بین النّاس و ترکبهم طبقا عن طبق أسألک باسمک المکتوب على سرادق المجد
و أسألک باسمک المکتوب على سرادق السرائر السّابق الفائق الحسن الجمیل النّضیر ربّ الملائکه الثّمآنیه و العرش الّذی لا یتحرّک و أسألک بالعین الّتی لا تنم و بالحیاه الّتی لا تموت و بنور وجهِک الّذی لا یطفأ و بالاسم الأکبر الأکبر الأکبر و بالاسم الأعظم الأعظم الأعظم الّذی هو محیط بملکوت السّماوات و الأرض و بالاسم الّذی أشرقت به الشّمس و أضاء به القمر و سجّرت به البحور و نصبت به الجبال و بالاسم الّذی قام به العرش و الکرسی و باسمک المکتوب على سرادق العرش و باسمک المکتوب على سرادق العزّه و باسمک المکتوب على سرادق العظمه و باسمک المکتوب على سرادق البهاء و باسمک المکتوب على سرادق القدره و باسمک العزیز و بأسمائک المقدّسات المکرّمات المخزونات فی علم الغیب عندک
و أسألک من خیرک خیرا ممّا أرجو و أعوذ بعزّتک و قدرتک من شرّ ما أخاف و أحذر و ما لا أحذر یا صاحب محمّد یوم حنین و یا صاحب علی یوم صفّین أنت یا ربّ مبیر الجبّارین و قاصم المتکبّرین أسألک بحق طه‏ و یس و القرآن الحکیمِ و الفرقان الحکیم أن تصلّی على محمّد و آل محمّد و أن تشدّ به عضد صاحب هذا العقد و أدرأ بک فی نحر کلّ جبّار عنید و کلّ شیطآن مرِید و عدوّ شدید و عدوّ منکر الأخلاق و اجعله ممّن أسلم إلیک نفسه و فوّض إلیک أمره و ألجأ إلیک ظهره اللّهمّ بحقّ هذه الأسماء الّتی ذکرتها و قرأتها و أنت أعرف بحقّها منّی‏ و أسألک یا ذا المن العظیم و الجود الکریم ولی الدعوات المستجابات و الکلمات التّامّات و الأسماء النّافذات
و أسألک یا نور النّهار و یا نور اللّیل و نور السّماء و الأرض و نور النّور و نورا بضی‏ء به کلّ نور یا عالم الخفیات کلّها فی البرّ و البحر و الأرض و السّماء و الجبال: و أسألک یا من لا یفنى و لا یبید و لا یزول و لا له شی‏ء موصوف و لا إلیه حدّ منسوب و لا معه إله و لا إله سواه و لا له فی ملکه شریک و لا تضَاف العزّه إلّا إلیه و لم یزل بالعلوم عالما و على العلوم واقفا و للأمور ناظما و بالکینونیه عالما و لِلتّدبیر محکما و بالخلق بصیرا و بالأمور خبیرا
أنت الّذی خشعت لک الأصوات و ضلّت فیک الأوْهامُ و ضاقت دونک الأسباب و ملأ کلّ شی‏ء نورک و وجل کلّ شی‏ء منک و هرب کلّ شیء إلیک و توکّل کلّ شیء علیک و أنت الرّبیع فی جلالک و أنت البهی فی جمالک و أنت العظیم فی قدرتک و أنت الذی لا یدرکک شی‏ء و أنت العلی الکبیر العظیم و مجیب الدعوات قاضی الحاجات مفرّج الکربات ولی النّقمات یا من هو فی علوه دان و فی دنوّه عال و فی إشراقه منیر و فی سلطآنه قوِی و فی ملکه عزیز صلّ على محمّد و آل محمد و احرس صاحب هذا العقد و هذا الحرز و هذا الکتاب بعینک الّتی لا تنام و اکنفه برکنک الّذی لا یرام و ارحمه بقدرتک علیه فإنّه مرزوقک

بسم اللّه الرّحمن الرّحیمِ بسم اللّه و باللّه الّذی لا صاحبه له و لا ولد بسم اللّه قوِی الشّأن عظیم البرهان شدید السّلطان ما شاء اللّه کان و ما لم یشأ لم یکن أشهد أنّ نوحا رسول اللّه و أنّ إبراهیم خلیل اللّه و أنّ موسى کلیم اللّه و نجیه و أن عیسى ابن مریمَ روح اللّه و کلمته صلوات اللّه علیه و علیهم أجمعین و أنّ محمّدا ص خاتم النّبیین لا نبی بعده و أسألک بحقّ السّاعه الّتی یؤتى فیها بإبلیس اللّعین یوم القیامه و یقول اللّعِین فی تلک السّاعه و اللّه ما أنا مهیج مردَه اللَّه نور السّماوات و الأرض و هو الْقاهر و هو الغالب له القدره السّابقه و هو الحکیم الخبیر اللّهمّ و أسألک بحقّ هذه الأسماء کلّها و صفاتها و صورتها و هی

MR0171-Imam-javad prayer hirz

(In the middle of the full text of Imam Javad’s Hirz prayer, there are forms and symbols which are illustrated above. However, these symbols are mentioned in two valid forms in the sources which both are illustrated here for you.)

(In the continuation of the text of Imam Javad’s amulet, after the above forms and croded letters, the Arabic text is given below)

سبحان اللّه الّذی خلق العرش و الکرسی و استوی علیه أسألک أن تصرف عن صاحب کتابی هذا کلّ سوء و محذور فهو عبدک و ابن عبدک و ابن أمتک و أنت مولاه فقه اللّهمّ یا ربّ ادفع عنه الأسواء کلّها و اقمع عنه أبصار الظّالمین و ألْسنه المعآندین و المرِیدین له السّوء و الضّرّ و ادفع عنه کلّ محذور و مخوف و أی عبد من عبیدک أو أمه من إمائک أو سلطان مارد أو شیطان أو شیطآنه أو جنّی أو جنّیه أو غول أو غوله أراد صاحب کتابی هذا بظلم أو ضرّ أو مکر أو مکروه أو کید أو خدیعه أو نکایه أو سعایه أو فساد أو غرق أو اصطلام أو عطب أو مغالبه أو غدر أو قهر أو هتک ستر أو اقتدار أو آفه أو عاهه أو قتل أو حرق أو انتقام أو قطع أو سحر أو مسخ أو مرض أو سقم أو برص أو جذام أو بؤس أو فاقه أو آعه أو سغب أو عطش أو وسوسه أو نقص فی دینٍ أو معیشه فاکفنیه بما شئت و کیف شئت و أنّى شئت إنّک على‏ کلشی‏ء قدیر و صلّی اللّه على سیدنا محمّد و آله أجمعین و سلّم تسلیما کثیرا.

و لا حول و لا قوّه إلا باللّه العلی العظیم و الحمد للّه ربّ الْعالمین یا مشهورا فی السّماوات یا مشهورا فی الأرضین یا مشهورا فی الدّنیا و الآخره جهدت الجبابره و الملوک على إطفاء نورک و إخماد ذکرک فأبى اللَّه الّا أن یتمّ نورک و یبوح بذکرک و لو کره المشرکون.