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The meaning of the word “Hirz” literally

The word Hirz is a place that is fenced and strengthen so that people are protected from harm and danger when entering it, and the whole or part of it is in accordance with the laws of Sharia.

The word “Hirz” in religious traditions and texts

This word and its compositions are not mentioned in the text of the Holy Quran, but it has been used numerously in the narrations and supplications of different sects of Islam. A number of these narrations, such as the narration of Anas, the son of Malik, report the use of this word, in a practical sense, in the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). And the result of this matter is that the Prophet (PBUH), the Imams and some of their companions and followers used different Hirzs for their own protection from dangers and calamities and they achieved the desired result.
It can be said that all the pure Imams (as) had their own special Hirz. The noteworthy point is that in Wahhabism, which consider these acts as forbidden, the use of the Hirz of Imam Javad AS and Yamani of Amir al-Mu’mineen have been authorized! In Shiite narration sources, various proofs have been narrated from the Imams (as); Such as the Hirz of Hazrat Zahra (sa), Yamani of Amir al-Mu’mineen (as), Hazrat Khadijeh (sa) and many more… but according to the meaning of the Hirz of Imam Javad (as) It is to avoid calamity and all Muslims can take full advantage of the benefits of the Hirz of Imam Javad (as).

Hirz Prayer of Imam Javad (AS)