Some scholars views about the Hirz of Sharaf al-Shams.

Sharaf Al Shams Stone 2

Hazrat Ayatollah Mobasher Kashani, considering the interesting points about the Hirz of Sharaf Shams, considers this prayer as a part of “Unseen Sciences” and said:

In the last few centuries, Scholars have considered the Hirz of Sharaf al-Shams to be a valid one , and discussions about Sharaf al-Shams and the method of its expansion in the form of squares and others, as well as its effects and blessings, have been mentioned, and some have considered it to be derived from great names. And in the books of Maknoon Jawaher, which is one of the manuscripts of Azkar, as well as in the books of Al-Sahab Al-Laali, written by Seyyed Abdullah Bushehri, and other books, some of the properties of Sharaf-e-Shams stone has been mentioned, such as eliminating poverty and diseases, and protecting animal and safety from disasters and receiving honor and greatness. “

Ayatollah Mobasher Kashani has further stated:

“Kafami has also stated in the book Jannat al-Waqia that these letters are the signs of the great names and we have seen in some books of Shiite scholars that this Hirz is narrated from Imam Ali (as).”

The late Sheikh Baha’i has also written about this Hirz, sometimes known as Sharaf al-Shams, in his books.

Ayatollah Mubasher Kashani also referred to the time, customs and process of engraving the Sharaf al-Shams Hirz and reminded:

“It is said that the prayer of Sharaf al-Shams should be performed on the 19th day of pregnancy, which is equal to the 19th of Farvardin, from sunrise to noon. (At specific times determined by astronomers each year) Write it on the yellow agate gem and in the absence of the yellow agate gem you can write it on yellow paper and take it with you, however there is no mentioning about its renewal on the day mentioned in later years therefore It is not cnoditioned and there is no need to rewrite it, and this is part of the nature of Sharaf al-Shams.”

In addition to Ayatollah Mobasher Kashani, Ayatollah Rouhani has also said and written other interesting notes about the Sharaf al-Shams Hirz:

“People of such Sciences say that once Sharaf al-Shams is engraved in its own way, there is no need to repeat it in the following years, and the properties of Sharaf al-Shams remain, but because of the diffrences in opinion about the way that it is written, like the shape of a star, or the letter “Mim” Some writes the Sharaf al-Shams Hirz in all its forms, for example, engraving it once with a five-pointed star and once with a hexagonal star.”

At the end of his answer to the question of the reporters, did not consider it necessary to rewrite the Sharaf al-Shams every year in order to have the properties and stated:

“In any case, the renewal of the Sharaf al-Shams Hirz on the 19th of Farvardin every year is not recommended and there is no need to do so.”

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