Sharaf al Shams and its Properties

Sharaf al Shams and its Properties

Usually people believe Sharaf-e-Shams is a yellow jewel, but according to Islamic sources, Sharaf-e-Shams is not a stone, but a dhikr / hirz attributed to Imam Ali (AS) and contains some of the great names of God, which by following special etiquette is graved behind yellow agate, qnd this must be done by experienced people at an specific time which only occurs once a year at certain hours of 8  April.

There are many properties that have been mentioned for Sharaf al-Shams, however the rapid and continuous effects of this jewel in expanding sustenance and repelling evil eye, are approved by everyone, and it solving problems  in a very short time is very obvious to the wearer.

Let’s now have a close look and  discuss the benefits and properties of the Sharaf Shams ring and get acquainted with the decoding of the Sharaf al-Shams Hirz (a prayer that is engraved on the back of a yellow agate jewel with special etiquette on April 7).  Also We will  check some of the saying of Ulama and scholars about this Hirz.  Therefore, stya tuned with MyRings.Co to be enlightened. 

Properties of Sharaf al-Shams

 Sharaf Shams ring, stone, Sharaf Shams necklace and Sharaf Shams bracelet in any form that it is weared, is for to stay safe in travels and avoid evil and protect human life. 

Other properties of Sharaf al-Shams yellow agate include:

  • The goodness of children,
  • Increasing sustenance
  • Peace of mind
  • Repelling the evil eye
  • Fulfilling desires and wishes
  • Healing some of the physical and mental diseases
  • Increasing physical strength.
  • It cleanses and purifies the gastrointestinal tract and has a great effect on the absorption and digestion of food and the circulatory system in the body and the 3rd chakra, pancreas, and the wall related to these two glands.
Sharaf Al Shams Ring

Other properties of Sharaf Shams ring

Over the years and even today, rings have been very important and in addition to their decorative uses, they are also very valuable in terms of belief and have many properties. 

In Islam, the rings and the engravings and prayers on them are very important, for which so many people are after finding a good and reliable person to prepare for them the Sharaf al-Shams ring in order to take advantage of the properties of the Sharaf al-Shams ring, which irts wearing has been highly recommended.

In general, from the properties of Sharaf-e-Shams ring or the properties of Sharaf-e-Shams necklace for men and women, the same properties of Sharaf-e-Shams amulet can be extracted and whoever keeps it with him, God will always protect him or her through this prayer and he or she will be stay away from  Poverty and  increasing wealth  are among the most important properties of Sharaf Shams ring. 

But it should be noted that since the amulet of Sharaf Shams is usually written on yellow agate, you will also benefit from the special properties of yellow agate.  In the hadiths and narrations, it is mentioned that in order to enjoy the properties of Sharaf Shams ring and in general, all kinds of rings with spiritual value, it is better to be wearing them in the right hand.

How to decipher the amulet of Sharaf al-Shams?

It is stated that every year on the 19th of Farvardin, the sun reaches a special place in the sky and creates a state equivalent to the Night of Power.  On this day, the sun has more dominance on the earth than other planets, and special customs have been mentioned for that day.

Before explaining the customs of this day, it is necessary to get acquainted with the shapes of the Sharaf al-Shams amulet that are engraved on the agate gem (mostly yellow agate).

Sharaf al-Shams, which is engraved on yellow stone or agate, has its own especial rituals, and in order to fully benefit from the properties of Sharaf Shams, these rituals must be fully observed.

This prayer consists of the five great names of God, which are the word  “Nur;  Mu’min;  Rahman;  Jameel;  Allah”, and instead of writing these names, they use the first five letters of these names as “N.M.R.J.A.”  These signs have 13 letters: 4 letters from the Torah, 4 letters from the Bible and 5 letters from the Quran.  Below is the image of Sharaf al-Shams Hirz, which is one of the properties of Sharaf al-Shams.  (Of course, the engraving of this Hirz is not exactly as shown below and has its own complexities that require more experience and information in order to do it properly.)

Sharaf Al Shams Hirz

Sharaf al-Shams should be engraved on a yellow agate gem, and if this gem is not available, it can be written on a piece of yellow paper so that the general public can benefit from its properties, although it is strongly recommended to engrave on agate. (This is because every solid material has its own capacity.)

 On this amulet, 5 names of the great names of God are written in a special way.  Of course, not everyone can do the engraving of the Sharaf al-Shams Hirz, and it is necessary to observe certain conditions in order to have it right.  It is has been said that in order to get a better result from the properties of Sharaf al-Shams stone, the author of these divine names must be a pure and knowledgeable person and be able to observe the etiquette of writing this Hirz well.  For example, when engraving the Sharaf al-Shams Hirz, a line cannot be engraved twice.

Sometimes the words Noor, Mu’min, Rahman, Jamil and Allah are engraved on this gem with special lines that have been quoted for this purpose.  Also, sometimes the engravers of the Hirz of Sharaf al-Shams use the letters of the alphabet instead of writing, which represent the same divine names and are in fact letters taken from the Qur’an, the Bible and the Torah.  Also, in some cases, the engravers use the same words symbolically as Sheikh Baha’i mentioned, instead of using the first letters of the divine names.

In addition to the conditions mentioned above, the Sharaf al-Shams Hirz has several other conditions, including the fact that in order to benefit from the properties of Sharaf al-Shams, this dhikr must be engraved in the name and intention of the user at specific times on April 8th.  This condition has caused some profiteers not to engrave this valuable dhikr on the 19th of Farvardin and to engrave and sell it at other times, which makes this Hirz of Sharaf Shams no longer relevant.  Sharaf al-Shams jewels, if needed, will be rewritten on the 19th of Farvardin in the following years, but many elders believe that if the Sharaf al-Shams jewel is written correctly once, there is no need to renew the writing.

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