Properties of Sharaf al-Shams agate from the point of view of the infallibles / Ma’soumeen

Sharaf Shams Stone

Indeed, the first hope of all of us is God and the Ahl al-Bayt (AS), and we should ask God for our needs, and besides that enjoying from the properties of the honorable Sharaf al-Shams, insha’Allah will be useful. 

The properties of Sharaf al-Shams are important from two aspects, one is agate itself with its special properties and the other is the power of the great divine names that are engraved on the back of the jewel as the Hirz of Sharaf al-Shams. 

Some of the properties of Sharaf al-Shams are the elimination of poverty, protection of life and property, increase of sustenance, treatment of some diseases, protection from animals and safety from disasters and enemies, and receiving honor and status.

Certainly, the rapid and continuous effects of the properties of Sharaf Shams stone in increasing sustenance are approved by all users and solving life issues and problems is very obvious. 

In the following, we will study some number of hadiths about agate

  • It is narrated from Imam Musa Kazem (AS) in a hadith that you should wear a yellow ring, which cause easy life  without no difficulty.
  • The Prophet (PBUH) also said: Anyone who holds one of the white, yellow and red agate in his hand sees nothing but goodness and increase of sustenance and health from all calamities and will be safe from  evildoers and oppressive men and from any one who hos afraid of.

  • Imam Sadegh (AS) has said: Agate ring is a cause of safety in travel.

  • The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: Hold an agate ring in your hand as long as you carry it with you, no sorrow will reach him.

  • Imam Sadegh (AS) has said: Have an agate ring in your hand which is blessed and its owner has a good end.

  • The Prophet (PBUH) says: Whoever wears an agate ring will have his needs met.

  • Imam Ali (AS) also says: Two rak’ats of prayer with an agate ring is better than a thousand rak’ats without an agate stone.

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