Authentic sources about the Hirz of Sharaf al-Shams

Sharaf al Shams and its Properties
  1. The late Sheikh Baha’i says in the book Sir Al-Mustitr: that Sharaf al-Shams should be written on the 19th day of pregnancy, which corresponds to the 19th of Farvardin, from sunrise to noon on yellow agate, and if it is not possible, write it on yellow paper and carried with him.
  2. In the book “Jannah Al-Wafiyah” known as “Misbah Kafa’mi” it is stated: These letters (the prayer of Sharaf Shams) are the shape of the great name, Then in the margin of the mentioned book it says: In some Shiite books I saw that of Amir al-Mu’minin (AS) has been quoted. (Baharalanvar, vol. 54, p. 22.)
  3. In the book “One Thousand and One nights“, point 977, written by Ayatollah Hassanzadeh Amoli, there are also articles about Sharaf Shams.
  4. In the book of Reyhaneh al-Adab, under the name of “Abu al-Badr“, one of the ancient scholars of Ardabil, quoting him, a detailed description of Sharaf al-Shams and its letters and poems attributed to Imam Ali (as) about these letters and the way of writing These letters are given. (Reyhaneh Al-Adab,, Modarres Tabrizi, vol.)
  5. Allameh Mobasher Kashani in his book refers to the time, customs and quality of Sharaf Shams.
  6. Sharaf Shams is mentioned in the book “Jawahar Maknoneh” which is one of the manuscripts of Azkar.
  7. Hazrat Ayatollah Mazaheri said: “Sharaf al-Shams is an authentic Hirz.”
  8. In old books such as “Al-Sahab Al-Laali” written by Seyyed Abdullah Bushehri, Sharaf Al-Shams is a foreign science and is effective in eliminating poverty and diseases and protecting its owner from animals and safety from calamities and giving its wearer honor and greatness.

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