For centuries, Agate was a precious gemstone for use in jewelry or small art sculptures. The Aqeeq stone in Islam is know as a very blessed stone and there are numerous Hadiths describing its many benefits.
It is mined in different parts of the world such as Iran, Iraq, Alaska, Brazil, Argentina and China. But the best quality of Aqeeq is extracted from the mines of Sanaa in Yemen and is a very thick, cohesive and porous stone, with a reddish-brown color that is the most popular color of Aqeeq.

Agate Stone
Red-Brown Yemeni Agate with Handmade Silver Ring MR0013

Properties of Agate Stone

Apart from the fact that many properties of some types of this stone have been mentioned in Islamic sources, these stones are also used in different types of magic depending on the color or the type of writing engraved on them.